PEScience, Vegan Series, Select Protein, Vanilla Indulgence, 26.7 oz (756 g





  • 20 g Protein
  • 0 g Sugar
  • Amazing Vanilla Indulgence
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Protein Powder Drink Mix
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO

Delicious Vegan Protein

  • Taste the Quality | Select the Best
  • Pea & Brown Rice Protein
  • Naturally Flavored | Lactose Free
  • Amazing Taste and Texture!

Pea Protein 

When it comes to a functional vegan protein, pea protein has become one of the most popular sources. When top-quality sources are used, it has a mild taste and texture. It also has one of the closest amino acid profiles to dairy and egg proteins.

Brown Rice Protein

Rice protein is the truest companion to pea protein. Where pea protein’s amino acid profile is weakest, rice protein’s profile is strongest. The combination of these two protein sources can achieve an amino acid profile nearly identical to dairy or egg protein.

Taste the Quality | Simple Ingredients

The first thing you will notice from Select Vegan Protein is the superior taste and texture over vegan proteins you have previously used. This comes from our high quality sources of pea and rice protein, giving Select an unrivaled taste and texture. Once you taste Select you might double check the ingredients to see how we’ve done it.

It’s not magic, it is simply investing in ultimate quality. This formula has 6 simple ingredients to deliver a perfect blend of nutrition and taste!

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